Miyerkules, Disyembre 21, 2011

Christmas in the Philippines

Every Christmas, we attend the Evening Mass, take our dinner, open presents under the tree and watch some Christmas-themed movies. Sometimes, we would go to our relatives' houses, partake of their Noche Buena and distribute presents to the family members, sing carols, play games, and indulge in hearty conversations until the wee hours of the morning. There was once when we attended the fun-filled party prepared by the homeowners of our subdivision.

On Christmas morning, we have our breakfast at our own home and visit more relatives. We meet more cousins, receive more presents and indulge in more food. How lucky we children are! Thinking that there are a lot of people in the streets who never, at least once in their life, have experienced what we do.

I wish to relive the our tradition. After recalling these memories, I finally realized what Christmas is about: to be thankful for what we have and valuing the togetherness of the family.

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