Huwebes, Enero 14, 2016

AMORE CRAFTS: handmade upcycled stuff with love

Amore crafts

Each upcycled handmade piece has a sweet, short story to tell. Scroll down and check out each lovingly-made product. 

I made a scarf pouch to protect my scarves
inside my bag. Most of the scarves are given
to me by friends and my mom.
Special pieces need to be preserved :)

From my brother's necktie used in his First Holy Communion... 
... To my favourite headband! 

Necktie pouch
This is made from one of my husband's old neckties.
The pouch has three pockets which can fit an Iphone (4s-5s),
a pen, a rectangular notepad, or your rouge. 

The brooch is made from the same necktie which was used for the pouch. Nothing goes to waste! 

Lipstick, concealer, eyebrow pencil on paper
eye pencil, nude lipstick, and liquid
eyeliner on paper
"Turtle in Distress"
Red lipstick, gold eyeshadow, and liquid
eyeliner on paper
concealer, lipstick in different pink shades,
and black liquid eyeliner on paper

"Pregnancy Love"
Lipstick, eye-shadow, eyebrow pencil and concealer on paper"
My first make-up art: Instead of discarding my unused make-up,
I drew pretty figures using them. Inspired by the baby in my womb,
I drew this version of myself surrendering to nature and opening up myself
to this beautiful pregnancy journey.
Eyeshadow, concealer and liquid
eyeliner on paper
Pineapple mittens for my baby were made
during her 32nd week when she was the
size of a pineapple :)
Booties for my princess as well! Attached
is a swarovski crystal bead

Crochet flowers, heart, and fish pattern for paperclips.
Perfect Christmas tokens for my goddaughter and her sister who love crafts!

Happy thoughts jar for my BFFs.
They wanted the picture back (which I took from them in high school,
without them knowing),
so I mounted their pictures in this cute holder!
Upcycled jar as picture holder
for your friend's favourite picture
In it are freshwater rice pearls, charms,
glass beads, pandora-inspired charms, seashells,

The toy placenta made from tarn
 was inspired by a birth doula who supports
moms during births...

... which she uses during her workshops...

... and made its way to Philippine TV!

Irina, doing her talk at Mars (a show at GMA News TV), with expectant mother, Jen Rosendahl.

I have also made a crochet flower pattern paperclip
for the author and illustrator of "The Yellow Paper Clip
with Bright Purple Spots." Just like the Yellow Paper Clip

with Bright Purple Spots, my flower paper clip made its way to 
Pittsburgh to meet Nikki Dy-Liacco, the author, and California, to meet May-Ann Licudine, the illustrator.

My cold porcelain coasters are in the good hands of my aunt. It's
an honour to my family to have shared these works of art. 

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  1. You are so creative! My fave is the scarf pouch!

    Mga Tugon
    1. Thank you! I'll be making for give-aways! :)

  2. the make up artworks are stunning. galing sobra :)

    Mga Tugon
    1. Thanks, Tina :) Pag-inspired, maraming nagagawa :)